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"Simple Meals @home" Series: ClueLESS day lunch!

April 18, 2018

Everyone has one of those days. You try to think hard of what to make for lunch or for dinner, and it seems the harder you think the more clueless you are. Or sometimes you just don't want to go through the struggle of spending so much time in the kitchen only to have to deal with dishes, after all the hard work. You already have a lot on your plate, and spending tons of time in the kitchen maybe something at the bottom of your agenda. Well before you give up and decide that you are going to skip that much needed lunch to finish a project or to write a conclusion to your 12 page paper due tomorrow, here is a Rescue recipe. You don't have to compromise your health after all, for things that are transient! You can get all the wealth you can in the world but you can't buy your health. Or can you "study yourself" into being healthy? We just need to take time to cater to needs of our bodies. It doesn't have to be always hard to do so, and so this week we are sharing with you some tricks on how to eat healthy & tasty, made-from-scratch meals without breaking the bank. [I mean TIME is money!! i.e. without spending a lot of time in the kitchen]. So here goes the "ClueLESS Day lunch" recipe: 




- Cut your sweet potato and regular potato into fry-strips [yes you read that right! you can technically mix both and it tastes different and good at the same time!].

- Put then in a pot with some water, boil until slightly tender [make sure to not overcook, so depending on quantities, set an alarm for the pot for 3-5 minute intervals after the water starts boiling so you can  keep track of things]

-While you set the pot of potatoes on the stove, set the oven to 400 degrees. While they boil and the oven is preheating start cutting your tofu into strip shown in the picture. [TRICK #1: task-switching really helps in saving your much precious time]

- When the potatoes are ready, spray a baking tray with some oil, throw your potatoes into it and sprinkle some salt, and add a bit of some oil [just so they become a bit crispy when fully cooked]

- Set the oven time for 15 mins intervals so you can keep track of your fries.




- After you have cut your tofu,

- dip & bath all your strips with "chicken-style seasoning" - you can find a vegan/vegetarian version of this seasoning in many health food stores [in the future I will be posting a DIY recipe in a blog entry], its a  handy seasoning to have, trust me you will use it in more than 60% of vegan recipes!

- Fry the tofu strips in a pan, in light oil over medium to high heat.




- TRICK#2 - Always keeps a prewashed container of organic baby greens or lettuce in your fridge. This is another tip for saving time in the kitchen because you won't have to wash, rinse and cut it - it a s simple as open container, take out lettuce and prep your dressing and you are good to go!

- Split some cherry tomatoes and add to the lettuce salad

- Cut a cucumber  and throw it in too

- Cut a nice ripe hass avocado into cubes and throw it. The trick with finding good avocados [who likes bad tasting avocados??] can be simplified as: just go for the pricer version of the hass avocados, which are typically sold as individuals versus buying the cheap tiny ones which are sold in a bag of 8 or so [that was TRICK #3]. The disappointment of buying a bad tasting avocado is just not worth it - I am sure you can tell how much I love my avocados!



Squeeze a lemon

Add [to taste] some maple syrup/honey to the lemon juice

Grate some galic [one clove only]

Add a teaspoon or two of Mrs. Dash seasoning

Swish everything in a closed container [you obviously don't want to spray yourself]

Add dressing to salad and then,


You can go back to studying or finishing your project while you wait for the oven timer, and there afterwards you can serve yourself & eat. This is one of those easy, nice tasting, healthy, easy-to-do AND time saving meals that you can literally do in ONLY half an hour, and it looks colorful!


One LESS clueLESS lunch idea!


Enjoy :).







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