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"Simple Meals @home" Series

April 11, 2018

You may have been wondering what we have been up to lately...


We have been quiet...


Well life has its up and downs as we all know, its no news at all! But what's encouraging is when you hit  rock bottom, there is no other direction to go but UPwards again! Sometimes a bottom rock situation for one may look like an overwhelmingly busy life that leaves you barely taking care of the most important things in life. Sometimes even health is sacrificed while we chase after good intentions. At In-Your-Home Vegan Restaurant we are also not immune to such life realities. However realizing that the struggle is real, we had taken a sabbatical to refocus on how we can go back to the basics, go back to living our mission. Our mission of helping "Families eat healthily, tastily and wisely, ONE FAMILY AT A TIME!"


This being said we are starting a "Simple Meals @ Home" Series, where we will strive to post simple plant-based recipes that one can prepare even if they have a busy life. Meals that help you to get back on track with regards to your healthy eating goals, within the confines of a time constrained society that we live in. Quick, easy to make meals that taste good and are not "rocket-y science" to prepare. Some of the content will be from other sister producers that we have good relationships with, while in the mean time we are working on producing a plethora of in house original content. Either way at the end of the day the goal is to tackle the problem at hand, which is to regain control of our health!  So here we go:


For today we will share a quick and simple recipe done by one of our sister producers [Life and Health Network]. Below is our picture of their Caramelized Korean Tofu recipe that we made recently during a busy day at work. Its tasty, easy and quick to make! The link to the recipe is here.




Cut a cucumber and chop some cilantro and spray a good creamy vegan dressing!



Saute onions, garlic with oil until they are golden brown then add some freshly pureed tomatoes [a grater/food processor usually makes the job of pureering way easier]. Allow sauce to cook for 5 -10 mins  over medium heat while periodically stirring. Add salt to taste. To add some spice I like to add a little bit of some "Madras curry", I know right!


Healthy Carb:

Make some good brown rice and add a pinch of salt to it [even up to a 1/4 teaspoon]  and  few spoons of some nice vegan margarine really gives somewhat flavour to brown rice!


This whole meal in the picture should take you less than 30mins to prep.! 




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