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"You will be able to enjoy favorites like Vegetable Pot Pie, Lasagna and Veggie Fajitas and also to learn some new tastes, along with some new tastes, along the way. You’ll get all the tips and menu planning support you need to help your family make the switch to a healthier diet and stick to it!" - Neal Barnard, MD. Physicians committee for Responsible Medicine

"It was so fun and easy to make the change to a plant-based diet using ideas and recipes from this book. This is a must have cookbook for anyone who wants to add plant-based meals to their family table." - Jan Smith, Mother of 4, Grandmother of 9.

"Give Them Something Better" Vegan Cookbook

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  • This is one of the cookbooks which has helped me in my personal journey making eating healthy very practical and very tasty! - Thomas Kambadzi, CEO Vegan@Home Inc.