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The Why Question?

Sharing the secrets of the Longest Living North Americans

One of the main reasons why we advocate for a Plant-Based diet is because its ACTUALLY great for your health, as shown by numerous scientific studies e.g. The Adventist Health Study!

But even more than the research studies, wouldn't you love it if imagine:

  •  you were to live to be a 100 years old while still going to the gym to work-out, living in your own house and driving yourself to the grocery store, yes AT 100 years!!


  • Imagine being a heart surgeon still operating on patients with a valid physician's licence at 95 years!!

 Well, this is not just fantasy, the longest living North Americans, The Seventh-day Adventist Christians, are actually a modern day BLUE ZONE in North America that has a community of people who generally live into the hundreds [primarily located in Loma Linda Carlifornia].

At Vegan@Home, we strive to share with the whole world the SECRETS of this group which have resulted in them being a "healthy-spectacle" in modern day unhealthy North America, one of those secrets being following a Plant-Based diet [of course in addition to other factors like regular exercise, a social community for support & taking a consistent weekly rest, through observing the Biblical Seventh-day Sabbath *** to learn more about Seventh-day Adventists click here]

Responsible Environmental Stewardship

When we choose to give a try to revert back to man's original diet given back in the garden of Eden, we get a step ahead in achieving God's original plan as we were actually created to live in harmony with, & to practice responsible stewardship towards nature, which includes animals.

Imagine a world with a little bit more tenderness towards the animals, who else wouldn't want to live in such a world?!

As part of our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, we have some of our products packaged in material that is up-cycle-able e.g. the jars for our yummy vegan cheeze dips can be used by one to make natural candles or to be a container for natural body butter/lotions. For more inspiration/ideas for your next DIY gift towards your loved one, by up-cycling our used jars check this out. In addition we are always striving to have most of our products being packaged in recycle-able material.

Environmental Impact

You can contribute to a "greener" earth when you go Plant-based as that decision results in you leaving a:

  • Lower Carbon footprint by up to 73%!

  • Lesser constraint on already depleting global natural resources

Did you know that:

  • 1 pound of beef requires up to 8000 gallons of water to produce it WHILE 1 pound of tofu requires only 302 gallons of water.

  • Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse emissions than the ENTIRE transportation sector! 

  • For every half pound of hamburger produced the greenhouse emissions released are almost the equivalent of those emitted by driving a 3 000 pound vehicle for nearly 15 km! 


Long story short, Plant-Based living is a way more SUSTAINABLE lifestyle of living.