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Fresh Meals. Made From Scratch. Delivered To You.



How it Works

1. Select the size of your meal plan here. 

For Gluten Free options select here.

* Make your first order by Wednesday 1159pm.

* Once you make your first order, following weeks are charged automatically however you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

2. Your Vegan@Home Chefs "go nuts" and they start the kitchen fun!


* 5 new meals are made from scratch each week with the best of  locally-sourced produce.

* The menu changes every week. 

3. Your Meals are delivered at your door step on Monday - FOR FREE.

* You DON'T even have to be at home; the meals are packaged in an insulated box that keeps your food fresh and cool

* And support good causes in the process - EVERY meal you eat gives a donation towards worthy causes.