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Thomas Kambadzi,

CEO & Co-President

The common thought process usually goes by: "eating healthy means sacrificing taste" BUT my desire to show people that it doesn't have to be so. Eating HEALTHY IS THIS TASTY!


Apart from my leadership roles, & entrepreneurship, I enjoy eating new foods, giving health presentations, spending time with senior citizens, hiking, gardening, meeting new people, playing board games, painting, playing soccer and cricket, reading my Bible, spending quality time with my family & friends, going for long walks in nature with my beloved church folk, giving back to the community and making this world a better place.

Many people ask me the questions, "Why Vegan? Why did you choose to transition to a Plant-based diet?" "Are you for ...?". Well the answer to these question is...

I will share this exciting portion of my story when you invite me over to your house :)

Arlene McCalla,

COO & Co-President

I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who believes in a wholistic lifestyle, who has a background in running a catering firm and I have been working in the food industry for over 13 years.


I have been working on becoming a vegan for some time now and have been ascending to new heights each day. I have really experienced the benefits of a  vegan diet and have seen how it has strengthened my Christian walk, not to mention my physical energy and overall health!

I am diligent, hardworking and motivated by the desire to see a more healthy society especially for teens and young adults. With an understanding of how health affects thoughts and behaviors my desire is to help others to make healthy choices easy.